Picture your future. And make it real.

If you're in college and ready to explore what your future holds, Nestlé can offer you possibilities in business areas including Operations Management, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, Sales, and Marketing.

Whatever direction you choose to pursue, you'll have the chance to transform your education into an experience that's truly special.


Ready to learn more about the opportunity that’s right for you? Get a detailed view of our programs here, or navigate the Intern and Trainee tabs for even more information.

  • Sales Internship and Trainee Programs

    Sales Internship and Trainee Programs

  • Supply Chain and Procurement Internship and Trainee Programs

    Supply Chain and Procurement Internship and Trainee Programs

  • Operations Internship and Trainee Programs

    Operations Internship and Trainee Programs

  • Finance and Accounting Internship Program

    Finance and Accounting Internship Program

A healthy career from the start.

Step into an internship with Nestlé USA and you'll be offered challenges, mentorship, and encouragement to contribute your best work and ideas. Our Operations Management, Supply Chain, and Finance and Accounting Intern Programs can potentially turn into full-time Trainee Positions through our Rotational Programs, while our Marketing and Retail Sales interns can receive traditional job offers.

MBA Marketing Internship Program
During this 10-week summer program, you'll be assigned high-impact projects that make a difference for our company—and the world. You could develop the line extension strategy for one of our iconic products. Or, maybe you'll analyze our competitive environment, helping us identify new market segments. As you make your contribution, you'll also be receiving something valuable in return—developmental feedback, the support of motivated colleagues and mentors, and a better understanding of the role of marketing at the world's largest food company.

Operations Management Internship Program
This is a 12-week summer program, in which you'll be involved in leading substantial projects from start to finish. You could find yourself making a meaningful difference by helping us save energy, reduce waste or improve our efficiency. This carefully designed internship prepares you for a future ranging from food science to packaging. And as you learn, grow, and contribute, you'll have talented colleagues and mentors to support you every step of the way.
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Supply Chain and Procurement Internship Program
Learn the various aspects of Supply Chain and Procurement at Nestlé in this 12-week summer program. Working across multiple divisions, you'll gain exposure to key brands and products while contributing to important real-world projects. Maybe you'll help identify the root cause of write-offs for a product, or help us reduce the amount of goods that find their way into salvage reports. No matter what meaningful project you'll engage in, a key part of your internship will involve building lasting relationships with key business leaders and partners within Nestlé.
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Finance and Accounting Internship Program
10-12 week summer Internship in our Finance & Control division. You'll lead a substantial project from start to finish, applying analytical and business knowledge in a real-world setting.
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Retail Sales – International Brands Internship Program
10-12 week internship program where you will have the opportunity to develop knowledge, awareness and understanding of the Consumer Products, Food and Pet Care industries. Identify opportunities at retail, learn and practice selling skills, merchandise and optimize shelf conditions at the store-level, focus on incremental sales and volume. Partner with team members in the International Brands Division and assist on special projects that focus on delivering results against our business plan and partner with our Customer Team on business analysis projects.
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Transform your education into experience.

At Nestlé USA, we pride ourselves on providing training programs that prepare graduates for the competitive and ever-changing business world. Our full-time rotational programs are in-depth, multi-year opportunities that enable you to connect to multiple business areas across the organization. As a trainee in one of these carefully developed programs, you'll acquire a deep understanding of our business, while gaining sought-after leadership exposure.

Sales Development Program
This 3-5 year program provides you with skills, experience, and knowledge to learn the retail sales structure of many of our brands. You will gain both field and corporate sales experience and have opportunities to work with many of Nestlé's divisions and Operating Companies in many different capacities.
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Field Operations Sales Leadership Program
This 1 year program is designed to prepare you by providing the appropriate experiences and background knowledge with a training rotation that will encompass exposure to all areas of the direct store delivery sales of ice cream and pizza brands. As a leader of a sales force, you'll have an opportunity to drive business results by selling and promoting the best brands in the category, coaching and developing your team, and making real-time decisions in a fast-paced and fun environment.
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Finance and Accounting Development Program
This 3.5 year program offers two very distinct development paths, either Manufacturing Operations Finance or Finance and Control. You will receive the support, mentoring, and project work to that will allow you to move your career forward.
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Operations Management Trainee Program
This five-year program gives you exposure to all areas of Nestlé's operations through three unique rotations. Taking responsibility for real-world projects that impact our bottom line, we'll prepare you for the role you're looking for at Nestlé, whether that's in food science, packaging, or any number of other exciting areas. In the program, you'll have the opportunity to explore one of six functional careers paths: Operations, Quality, Packaging, Engineering, Technical Applications or Safety, Health and Environmental.
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Supply Chain and Procurement Development Program
Come receive formal end-to-end Supply Chain training in the areas of Deployment, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Distribution, Manufacturing, Transportation, Procurement, and Customer Service. This 3 year program is designed to develop the future leaders of Nestlé USA, this program offers a unique opportunity to work across multiple businesses and factories—and with 2,000 products nationwide!

Future leaders find their potential here.

If you're a diverse college student interested in exploring your leadership potential and getting a jump start on your career, we invite you to consider a leadership development opportunity hosted by the world's largest food and beverage company.

Started in 2009, the annual Nestlé USA Diversity Leadership Symposium (DLS) is a four-day intensive business program providing diverse undergraduate students a great chance to network with key representatives from Nestlé's full-time and internship programs as you prepare to bring your developing leadership abilities to the business world.

As a selected participant in the Nestlé DLS, you will:

  • Gain valuable exposure to life and careers with the world's largest food and beverage company
  • Network with the Nestlé USA executive leadership team
  • Partake in a customized leadership development course
  • Utilize your leadership skills in the community through volunteerism
  • Build a network of peers from universities across the nation
  • Interview for a summer internship or full-time development trainee program, returning the school with the chance of a job offer and scholarship offer in hand

The symposium, held in Glendale, CA at the Nestlé USA Headquarters, is open to current sophomores and juniors. Nestlé USA will take care of reasonable travel and accommodations.

Diversity Leadership Symposium: January - April 2015

Who should apply?

Diverse sophomores and juniors with leadership experience who are interested and eligible for one of the following career opportunities with Nestlé: Human Resources Development Program, Sales Internship and Trainee Programs, Finance & Accounting Internship Program, Operations Internship & Trainee Programs, Supply Chain & Procurement Internship & Trainee Programs.

It's time to start exploring your leadership potential. For more information on DLS, including program criteria, timing and how to apply, visit our DLS online application site at www.nestle.fluidreview.com.